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What are the steps to start a successful fish farming business 

            Aquaculture is the method of farming fish and other marine organisms for food or other resources. It involves the raising of many species in controlled freshwater or ocean water environments. Cultivation of various species includes Arowana, Oscar, salmon, tilapia, sardines, catfish, catla, rohu, prawns, carps, cod etc.  

The fisheries and aquaculture industry are a key economic resource in India as millions of people are depending on them for their livelihood. It is significant for our economic growth considering the contribution of the fisheries sector in India’s GDP. They are an important source of food for millions of people. 


AquacultureHow Can I Start a Fish Farming Business?  

Fish Farming is a lucrative business if done in the proper way. It provides a steady income for a large group of people and has high potential in the future. You can start a fish farming business if you have adequate space and plenty of clean water available. Setting up a pond along with a pumping system to change the water in the pond is necessary. 


Proper fencing is important to ensure the security of fish ponds. It helps in avoiding theft of fishes as well as the escape of fish from ponds. Good quality stock with excellent growth rate is essential while selecting the breeds of fish. This helps in a better profit margin.  


Nutritious fish feeds are really important as this significantly affects the growth of fish. Fishes grow well with good feeds, proper healthcare and timely water changes. With enough space, proper equipment, good breeds, high quality feeds, adequate knowledge of farming techniques, and a clear water supply, fish farming is undoubtedly a highly profitable business opportunity.  


Fish FarmingWhat are the challenges in fish farming? 

With every business come challenges too. There are many challenges in the fish farming business also. Some of them are: 

  • High feed cost 
  • Poor growth rate 
  • Low yields 
  • Lower immunity 
  • Poor feed consumption 
  • Prone to diseases 
  • High mortality rate  

Maintaining good fish health is important in the aquaculture industry. Poor fish health management affects the growth rate and results in reduced yield. To ensure profitability, fish healthcare management is very important.  


As the farmed fish are grown in artificially set up ponds in a limited space with unnatural diets and conditions, they are prone to many diseases. Disease causing agents like bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites attack the fishes with low immunity. The use of antibiotics and other drugs may adversely affect the fish growth and make them inedible as human food. Fish farmers should be alert and the infected fishes are to be removed to prevent the spreading of diseases. 

Fish feeds

How Zewa help fish farmers? 

Proper growth and immunity are 2 great factors that affect productivity. Farmers must give proper attention to this. As fish can’t be vaccinated against diseases, proper feed and nutrition must be given to fish to attain good immunity over diseases. But, the high price of good quality fish feeds makes it difficult for the farmers to continue this business. The rising cost of feeds and consumables reduced the profit margin and many farmers are quitting the fish farming due to this. Lack of good quality feed in the market is also a concern in this regard. 


The nutritional quality of the feeds defines the nutritional quality of the harvested fish. The conventional fish feeds include soybean, canola, fishmeal etc. Zewa feeds are an excellent alternative for the conventional fish feeds. We provide protein-rich, highly nutritious feeds that make the fish healthy and immune to many diseases. A nutritionally balanced feed with the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet makes them grow well and gives better yields. It’s important to protect the fish from diseases as once infected, the risk of spreading the disease to the entire fish farm increases, resulting in huge loss of profit.  


Zewa feeds are manufactured in such a way that it is high in antioxidants and improve the immunity gradually once fishes start to feed on it. In this way, the fish farmers are able to harvest good quality and nutritious fishes that would ultimately increase their profit margin. If the potential of the fish farming business is clearly understood with proper resources, tactics and methods to catapult the aquaculture industry, India could achieve tremendous growth in this sector. 



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