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We support the journey to a more sustainable and reliable world. 

At Zewa, we utilise black soldier fly farming to convert organic waste into sustainable protein feed for livestock farmers. The mission is to reduce food waste by converting it into high quality sustainable animal and fish feed and nutritious organic manure for your kitchen garden.  

The process is circular by design and hence by integrating these small flies into the food chain, Zewa ensures that we does not harm the environment in the process.We put forward a cost-effective method to manage food waste at home and restaurants. Our end products include Zewa fish feed, Zewa poultry feed and 100% organic fertiliser. 

Considering the land requirements and other resources, insect farming is more beneficial, eco-friendly as well as more profitable. This makes shifts in EU's recent insect protein laws promising to open the possibilities to create better efficient food chains. The dried black soldier fly larvae manufactured at Zewa is an alternative protein source in fish as well as poultry feed. It can be directly given to fish/hen/duck/ornamental birds etc. The insect frass acts as an organic fertilizer and can be directly used in agriculture farm/kitchen garden. 

  The eco-friendly technology at Zewa works best for small scale farmers, households, poultry farms etc. The methodology is based on composting food waste and kitchen waste using insect cultivation process. In this way, we can achieve sustainable animal feed production. Also, it provides a great solution for managing global food waste.