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What Are The Challenges Faced By Poultry Farmers And How We Help?

Due to the increase in global population, there arise an increase in the global food and feed demand. Agricultural production, livestock farming and poultry farming has experienced considerable development in the last few years in order to meet this increased demand. The consumption of chicken and eggs has also been increased to make up the rising demand of good food and nutrition. India being one of the largest manufacturers of eggs and broiler meet, this paves the way for creating self-employment opportunities and entrepreneurship among youth. 

Poultry farming business is one of the profitable businesses with relatively low investment and high returns. The modern poultry industry requires best quality with minimal capital at a high production rate. This includes commercial poultry farming and backyard poultry farming. There are many women in rural households actively engaged in backyard poultry farming. But there are many challenges and risks associated with this. Due to improper knowledge of balanced feeding and not actively meeting the requirements of protein and nutrition, the expected outcome is not met in many cases.

One of the biggest challenges in the poultry farming industry is high feed cost.  Good quality feed is essential as it determines the health and growth rate of the birds. They require balanced diet with proteins, vitamins and other minerals rich in nutrition. Moreover, the quality of eggs and meat is depending on the feed they eat. Currently, Soyabean and Maize are the widely used feed by poultry farmers in India. The high price of conventional feeds and non-availability of them in the market results in the malnutrition of the birds.

Poultry feeding

Another challenge the poultry farmers experience is the occurrence of bacterial and viral diseases in birds. The major disease outbreaks include Avian Influenza, Fowl cholera, Fowl pox, E. coli infections etc. This accounts to immense loss to poultry farmers as large number of birds will die if infected. To prevent the outbreak of diseases, a proper and efficient healthcare routine is to be followed. Many vaccination programs are available for birds but are still not accessible to a large group of farmers. It is essential to give them good quality, nutrient-rich feed so that they become immune to diseases.


In the context of the increasing feed price making poultry farming business difficult, it is extremely important to find good quality alternative to the conventional poultry feeds. Zewa helps poultry farmers by making available affordable and protein-rich insect feeds. An alternative protein source in place of soymeal not only makes it affordable, but helps environment in reducing the effects caused by excessive soy cultivation. Many serious impacts including deforestation, carbon gas emissions can be tackled if we switch from plant-based protein to insect-based protein.

Our protein-rich and nutritious feeds make the birds healthy and happy. The antioxidants present in the poultry food provide them immunity to many diseases. The proper health care and nutrition is ensured once you choose Zewa Feeds. The insect feed we provide is affordable and easy to use. As poultry has a natural habit of scratching the ground and foraging and as they like to consume insects, the insect feeds will be a good choice as poultry food. This will also reflect in their productivity by yielding good quality eggs and poultry meat. 

Poultry business

Poultry production in India is expecting a spectacular growth in the coming years. Zewa helps the small-scale poultry farmers and entrepreneurs by providing an excellent alternative feed ingredient to handle the high feed cost. It will help improve the economic status of the farmers and also meet the global nutritional requirements by delivering good quality poultry meat and eggs. All this can be achieved by feeding insect-based protein to poultry. With Zewa, you can choose a sustainable alternative to the available feed ingredients and thus ensure a bright future for the poultry farming business of our country.  

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  1. Jai Singh
    July 23, 2022 - 7:40 am

    Hi, I’m a commercial layer farmer, from Ludhiana, Punjab, please let me know more details about the larvae feed, regards,

    • July 27, 2022 - 9:26 am

      Hi Jai Singh,
      Glad to hear from you. We deliver Black Soldier Fly Larvae feed for poultry and fisheries all over India. You can purchase our Dried BSF larvae pack to feed your poultry with healthy and nutritious feed. You can replace 30% of your current feed with our dried BSFL for guaranteed results. Please write to us at info@zewafeeds.com or contact us at +91 9496715728 for more details.
      Thank you.

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