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Launch of Online Sales


We are proud to announce the launch of digital sales of Zewa products through Online Sales Channels Amazon, Iraaloom and Himadri Aquatics by our Co-founder and CMO Anusakh MP. Now, we are one step closer to you. Happy Shopping with us! 

Check out the links for a wholesome new experience in feeding your aquarium fish a brand new tasty and healthy feed. 


25g: Buy Zewa Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae – 100% Natural, Protein Rich Fish Food for Arowana, Flower Horn, Oscar, Fighter, Angelfish, Molly, Tetra, Discus, Firemouth, Redtail Shark, Parrots, Reptiles (25G) Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon.in 

75g: https://www.amazon.in/Zewa-Dried-Black-Soldier-Larvae/dp/B0BLN4FMKC 

Iraaloom: https://iraaloom.com/categories/pet-care 

Himadri: https://himadriaquatics.com/products/dried-black-soldier-fly-larvae-25g/