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A small initiative today, for a better tomorrow.
We are proud to announce that we have delivered the 50th Zewapod on 21st of April, 2022. We have always ensured that our process is environmentally friendly and leaves the lowest amount of carbon footprint possible. In our journey, we managed to save about 15 Tonnes of carbon dioxide that would have otherwise hurted the environment. Each of our Zewapod has a maximum capacity of 45L. About 1.5kg bio-waste can be deposited on a daily basis. We have already delivered 50 Zewapods in the last 3 months.
ZEWAPOD delivery
That is, 50 ZEWAPOD – 50 homes – 5 Ton bio waste – 15 Ton co2 saved in just 3 months. Source: https://www.fao.org/3/bb144e/bb144e.pdf A detailed statistics is explained below. For a Zewapod having 1.5 kg daily capacity, taking an average of 1kg organic waste per home. 1 kg daily capacity = 3kg Co2 saved For 50 homes, 50 kg daily capacity = 150kg Co2 saved For about 100 days= 5000 kg bio waste= 15000kg Co2 saved This is how we help in the process of saving the environment. A better waste management solution for your home which is affordable and eco-friendly. Join us in this movement by ordering your Zewapod today!