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Zewa Sustainable pet food range powered by Insect Protein
Zewa Feeds’ unique insect protein-based formulations are designed for the specific needs of ornamental fish and birds, offering multiple benefits including faster growth, optimal nutrition, and increased immunity. We offer environmentally responsible, superior nutrition solution for ornamental fish and birds. By choosing our feeds, you’re supporting a carbon-negative process that reduces resource use and contributes...
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The Black Soldier Fly training program includes the methodology of insect farming for setting up the bsf larvae raising environment and cultivation process.
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If you are in need of premium quality, highly fertile black soldier fly eggs to enhance your bsf farming business for household or commercial purposes, please contact us.
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BSF Frass compost
100% Organic fertilizer that is a must-have for your kitchen garden. Helps in the overall growth and development of all kinds of plants, shrubs and trees.
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Dried BSF Larvae
An excellent ready-to-use feed for livestock, poultry, fish and ornamental birds. Your pets will absolutely relish our tasty and nutritious insect feeds.
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A portable BSF bin which helps to convert food waste into organic fertilizers and protein rich feeds
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