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A portable BSF bin which helps to convert food waste into organic fertilizers and protein rich feeds

Waste management is a tedious task for everyone. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to properly handle the waste generated at home. Management of household waste is really important as improper waste disposal may result in degradation of environment and landfills. Household waste includes biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable waste etc. It is important to segregate the waste from the source level itself and managing each section in an effective way. The non-degradable and recyclable waste have to be dealt in a scientific way without disturbing the biodiversity. The organic waste can be converted at home to useful products using effective mechanism.

A smart waste management system at home is a solution for this crisis. Zewapod is an innovative household waste management unit from Zewa Ecosystems where we are constantly researching on what waste can do. In most cases, organic waste becomes stinky and left back in the premises. Zewa pod, the food waste disposer collects all types of waste including stale fruits and vegetables, food scraps, kitchen waste, leftovers, meat and fish wastes. The collected food waste is then converted into poultry and fish feed as well as 100% organic fertilizer. The mission is to reduce food waste by converting it into high quality sustainable animal and fish feed and nutritious organic manure for your kitchen garden.

How It Works?!

Zewapod uses 100% biological insect farming process to convert food waste from home into products of market need. Zewapod has an amazing capability to convert the organic waste into protein-rich animal feed in a short duration. Also, the byproduct insect frass can be treated as a best organic fertilizer which has high nutritional value for better yield crops.

Watch the below video to see how it works...

Earn money from your waste
We make entrepreneurs in every home by giving them a revenue source by converting their own food waste using Zewapods
Creating cleaner communities
We strive to build better communities by bio-converting food wastes into a form of revenue for the sociey
Zewapod - The food waste disposal unit
If you are in the selected areas where we have collection services, absolutely yes! Our collection executives will buy back the products from you.
1. BSF Larvae
The BSF larvae obtained from Zewapod is a highly nutritious feed for livestock and fish farm. Protein is an essential nutrient for animal feed for their proper growth. Compared to the conventional sources of protein for animal feed including soymeal, BSF is a better choice. It is environment-friendly and utilizes only less resources like land, water, food etc. for creating the same amount of protein as compared to other sources. The protein-rich feed enhances the growth of animals and makes them healthy. The bsf larvae can be taken from the collection box and directly fed to chicken, fish, birds etc.

2. Compost
The compost which is obtained from Zewapod is a type of insect frass or manure which can function as an excellent organic fertilizer for plants. It helps in improving the soil quality and results in greater yields in agriculture by its high nutritional value. They contain high levels of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium all required for the overall growth and development of plants. The major advantage is that we can collect this organic fertilizer without any extra effort or further process.
When compared to the other organic waste management systems, Zewapod is a more ingenious product. Most of them convert the organic waste mainly into compost manure only. What makes Zewapod special is that it reduces organic waste by converting it into sustainable feed as well as organic fertilizer with exceptional quality.

Our Salient features:
• Best solution for food waste management
• No harmful chemicals are used in the process
• Portable and easy to handle
• Simple installation process
• Low initial investment
• Less land requirement
• No bad smell associated with the unit
• Simple to operate
• No waste byproducts after the process.
Zewa is a mission to make the food chains better efficient, to preserve the precious environment from getting polluted for producing the basic nutrition need of a living being - the protein. When you buy a zewapod, you not only own the responsibility of treating your own food waste at its source, but also create a much bigger positive impact on the society and the communities around you. Moreover, isn't it cool to earn from your waste, after all?
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