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Dried BSF Larvae


Insect Farming for animal feed production is gaining popularity these days. Insect feed have many advantages over conventional feeds. They have a higher rate of feed conversion efficiency. Insect cultivation process requires very less resources in the whole process. It can be done with very less area and limited amount of water as insects can extract water from their food more efficiently. Feeding them is even easier as insects consume almost anything including organic waste like kitchen waste, food waste etc. Edible insects like black soldier fly larvae have high levels of protein and are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This is definitely a sustainable and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional feeds for livestock.


The dried BSF larvae manufactured at Zewa is a ready-to-use feed for livestock, poultry, fish and ornamental birds. It is highly nutritious with essential nutrients including protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acid content. Adequate amount of protein is necessary for animals for their proper growth. The protein-rich Zewa feeds increases the immunity of your pets and makes them healthy. The main ingredient is Black Soldier Fly Larvae, ie Hermetia Illucens. It is a 100% natural product from Zewa Ecosystems.

Major Benefits
  • 37% higher growth rate
  • 27% higher weight gain in fishes
  • 53% increase in egg production in poultry.
Unique Features
    • Natural anti-oxidants boosts immunity levels and reduces mortality rates
    • Rich amino acids boosts the color and appearance
    • High protein improves the growth rates and overall health
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